On the Internet, in newspapers and over the air waves, I’ve been lucky to have lots of help getting the word out about the awesomeness of composting:



On Jack’s Journal:

Winter Bucket slinging session.

Finster and PromoJoe are cool on BOB FM. I had a fun interview with them at the radio station.

Mr. Vic is funny on WMKT. I got to chat will him too at the radio station.

My Compost Talk at Greenspire Middle school.

My Wheels are Turning article: Compost service by bicycle: 8-yr old brings it full circle

Marta wrote a nice article on me in my local paper, the Record Eagle: Boy Turns Compost into Green Business Venture

Adventures of the Compost Kid in the Northern Express by Erin Crowell

Gary Howe wrote The Dirt on Carter for Grand Traverse Edible.

A Boy, A Bike, And a Business by Lynn Geiger in the TC Business News.

Crowdfunding and Compost in BioCycle magazine.

Entrepreneurs See Opportunity In Food Scraps Collection in BioCycle magazine.

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