On the Internet, in newspapers and over the air waves, I’ve been lucky to have lots of help getting the word out about the awesomeness of composting:


Love my Credit Union:

On Jack’s Journal:

Winter Bucket slinging session.

Finster and PromoJoe are cool on BOB FM. I had a fun interview with them at the radio station.

Mr. Vic is funny on WMKT. I got to chat will him too at the radio station.

My Compost Talk at Greenspire Middle school.

Bike-powered snow plowing with El Grupo Norte:

My Wheels are Turning article: Compost service by bicycle: 8-yr old brings it full circle

Marta wrote a nice article on me in my local paper, the Record Eagle.Boy Turns Compost into Green Business Venture

Adventures of the Compost Kid in the Northern Express by Erin Crowell

Gary Howe wrote The Dirt on Carter for Grand Traverse Edible.

A Boy, A Bike, And a Business by Lynn Geiger in the TC Business News.

Crowdfunding and Compost in BioCycle magazine.

Entrepreneurs See Opportunity In Food Scraps Collection in BioCycle magazine.

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