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Max vs The Polar Vortex


Meet Max. Max is our Central Neighborhood bucket slinger. He’s been using his bike, buckets and trailer to help his neighbors compost their kitchen scraps for the past year. He is legit. And unlike us, who bailed on this winter, he is brave. Tough as nails. Max is a true Northern Michigander.

Polar Vortex? 50+ inches of snow? Icy roads? No biggie. Max is a Compost Champion and continues to get out there week after week to help his neighbors reduce their waste.

Should you ever see him out on his bucket route on Mondays, make sure to give him a High Five or an “Atta Boy!” for helping to green our TC. Some hot chocolate wouldn’t be a bad idea either!

Thanks for being so awesome and taking one for the team, Max.

We’re proud of you.

Compost On!, young man.

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Carter’s Compost Winter Bike Share

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Traverse City’s only winter bike share program is now open for its second season. When most cities, like Philly (wimps!), shut down their programs for the winter, we will only open ours when the snow flies. Winter has come early to Traverse City this year so we thought we’d better open our Bike Share early too.

Thanks to our friends at Recycle-a-Bicycle and McLain Cycles, we currently have 7 bikes in the fleet. They aren’t the prettiest rides but they do work.

Are these nice bikes? Nope. They’re beaters without fancy 4 inch tires. They do ride just fine in the snow, though. These bikes will get you where you are going. Don’t trash your nice bike. Ride one of our beaters instead. Because beater bikes make the best winter bikes.

They’re perfect for a quick rip to the library or store. Or maybe downtown to see a movie or grab a bite. Last night we rode them down Washington Street to see the lights. Fun!

These bikes are also great to help out with Norte!’s bike plow snow clearing program. They love to clear snow off neighborhood sidewalks and trails.

The C’sC Winter Bike Share is a free service. Yes, free! We only ask that you take care of the bike and return within 2 days in the same condition as when you took it. Be good to our bikes and they will be good to you.

Should you have a functioning mountain bike that you don’t need anymore please consider donating it to our fleet. We’ll take good care of it and give a rad new life as a C’sC Winter Beater Bike. Email us at

Be safe. Be seen. Don’t take those corners too hot. Have fun and enjoy the snow.

Happy Winter Riding!

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A Winter Siesta


Winter has arrived in Northern Michigan. Really. We already have 9 inches of snow and it’s only December 2.

We love winter in Traverse City. Skiing at Hickory, sledding at the Civic Center, snowman building, snowshoeing at Pellizzari, skating at the F&M’er, snowball throwing, fort making but unfortunately not bucket slinging this year.

Winter bucket slinging here in Northern Michigan is doable. But just barely. With some help from a bunch of neighborhood kids and a few awesome college students, we proved it theoretically possible last year. We learned some things. But in the end, realized that’s it’s just too tough. Too tough on our toes and fingers and cheeks. Too tough on our bikes and trailers. Maybe a bit unsafe on the icy roads as well.

Soooo…after 20 straight months of weekly bike powered pick-ups, our “board” has decided to take a siesta this winter. We will stop pick-ups effective December 2 and resume April 1.

But, don’t worry! We have a plan to keep all of our C’sC members being awesome:

1. Our drop-off service will remain open. Bring your scraps to C’sC World HQ and we’ll handle the rest.

2. Adopt some worms. The C’sC Worm U-Pick operation is open for business. Come pick some of our worms and start your own vermicompost bin and let them eat your scraps.

3. Maybe you’re ready to graduate to your own pile. Our big idea has always been to get more neighborhood piles in backyards to then grow more neighborhood compost. We can help you find some pallets if needed. Or you can have one of our commercial plastic compost bins. First come, first served!

4. Not quite ready to manage your own pile? Come learn how to compost in your backyard with our C’sC College of Compostology program. Yes, composting in Northern Michigan is a four season thing and it’s easier than you think to do it in the winter!

Thanks again for all of the support the past year and a half. We’ll see you around the neighborhood and as always…..Compost On!