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Carter’s Compost Winter Bike Share

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Traverse City’s only winter bike share program is now open for its second season. When most cities, like Philly (wimps!), shut down their programs for the winter, we will only open ours when the snow flies. Winter has come early to Traverse City this year so we thought we’d better open our Bike Share early too.

Thanks to our friends at Recycle-a-Bicycle and McLain Cycles, we currently have 7 bikes in the fleet. They aren’t the prettiest rides but they do work.

Are these nice bikes? Nope. They’re beaters without fancy 4 inch tires. They do ride just fine in the snow, though. These bikes will get you where you are going. Don’t trash your nice bike. Ride one of our beaters instead. Because beater bikes make the best winter bikes.

They’re perfect for a quick rip to the library or store. Or maybe downtown to see a movie or grab a bite. Last night we rode them down Washington Street to see the lights. Fun!

These bikes are also great to help out with Norte!’s bike plow snow clearing program. They love to clear snow off neighborhood sidewalks and trails.

The C’sC Winter Bike Share is a free service. Yes, free! We only ask that you take care of the bike and return within 2 days in the same condition as when you took it. Be good to our bikes and they will be good to you.

Should you have a functioning mountain bike that you don’t need anymore please consider donating it to our fleet. We’ll take good care of it and give a rad new life as a C’sC Winter Beater Bike. Email us at

Be safe. Be seen. Don’t take those corners too hot. Have fun and enjoy the snow.

Happy Winter Riding!

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Traverse City’s First Community Pile: The Oryana Neighborhood Compost Station

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In case you needed another reason as to why Oryana is a TC leader in all things awesome, go check out their new Neighborhood Compost Station. It’s very cool. Built of recycled-reused-reawesomed pallets in a very functional and stylish 3 bin system. The real deal.

We are super excited to partner with our local co-op to bring Traverse City it’s first (?) Neighborhood Compost Station. This is the beginning of what we hope will be many more Community Piles in and around TC.

As part of our Community Sustained Compost Project, this station will help us find more space as well as help our customers and Oryana’s members reduce their waste and grow wonderful garden soil.

Each spring and fall, we will help host a Neighborhood Compost Screening Fiesta to harvest the black gold so it can be used to grow neighborhood food.

Thanks so much to Oryana for supporting Carter’s Compost and for helping us to green our TC.

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OneHundred13 Awesome Things for Twenty13

west bay tart

1. Red wrigglers. Eisenia fetida
2. Bike lanes
3. GT Pie
4. Nutella
5. Grandmas. Great Grandmas. Grandpas too
6. The 7 ladies of the Washington Street Hennery
7. Garfield, Tin Tin, Beast Quest and Dragon Slayer Academy
8. Chickens in the Mo Willems Pile
9. Honey Bees
10. My mum’s double chocolate peppermint cupcakes
11. Einsten Cycles
12. Playing Sorry! at Horizon
13. Skiing at Hickory Hills
14. Urban Farming
15. Neighbors
16. My Wheels are Turning
17. Donated buckets from GT Pie
18. Eastern Elementary. Compost bins in the classrooms and compost piles at the ready
19. Little libraries. Big libraries. Libraries at school. Libraries in my bedroom
20. Growing cherries, peaches, tomatoes, peas, kale and asparagus in the backyard
21. Brew
22. Camping at DH Day, Timber Ridge, Young State park
23. Pedal powered businesses
24. Oak Park, Traverse Heights, Mid Town, Boardman, Old Town and Central Neighborhoods
25. TART
26. Community gardens
27. Learning to sail with TACS
28. Mike Erway
29. Tucson!!
30. The State Theater
31. Swimming in the bay
32. Riding to school
33. Beth Price Photography
34. Cyclocross races at the Civic Center
35. Starting veggie plants from seed
36. Peanut butter oatmeal
37. Cherry Festival, Kid’s TC Film Fest, Smart Commute Week
38. Skylander Giants
39. Surly compost bike trailer donated by Einstein Cycles
40. Aunties. And Uncles too.
41. The Treefort Collective
42. Librarians. Michel, Melanie, Linda, Bernadette, Christopher, Ms. Jill
43. Biking to Great grandma’s on the TART to play wii
44. Screening dirt
45. Canadians
46. Dwarf fruit trees in the backyard orchard
47. My bro Jamo. Business partner and best buddy
48. Saving seeds
49. Pad Thai at Thai Cafe
50. Go Blue!
51. America Recycles Day
52. Teachers: Mrs. Mattarella, Mrs. LaBarre, Mrs. Radakovich, Mrs. Denison
53. Finster in the morning and the Vic McCarty show
54. Water slide at Great Wolf Lodge
55. Nina the shovel under Murchie bridge
56. Great Lakes Bioneers
57. Winter Bike Share
58. Free “browns”…thanks Mr. Maple tree for the leaves
59. Special notes from my customers
60. Ice cream at Bardons
61. Eggs in the garage
62. Harvesting Black Gold from the worm bins
63. F&M park
64. 3:1 Carbon:Nitrogen
65. Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail and Dune Climb
66. Bootstrap Compost
67. Tour de TART
68. My black willow tree from the Archangel Ancient Tree Archive
69. Greenspire school
70. Compost Now
71. Marta at the Record-Eagle
72. Turning the pile. Turning the pedals
73. Eastern Elementary’s Fantastic Zero Food Waste Lunch
74. My number 1 fan Kaitlyn
75. Jumping off the dock into Boardman Lake
76. Donated straw bales from Oryana and my dentist Dr. Tracy Ruegsegger
77. Bay Bucks
78. If it grows it goes
79. Neighborhood Pumpkin Recycling Station
80. Bean and cheese burritos at La Salsa
81. Helping to green our TC one bucket at a time
83. 8 year old brings it full circle
84. Saving landfill space
85. Sledding hill at the Civic Center
86. My chicken the bug devouring, garden cultivating, kitchen scrap eating, egg laying and pooping dynamo
87. Logging onto the computers at the library with my own card
88. Pie Ride
89. Hives on the roof?
90. Einstein Racing
91. Eating the whole apple. core and all. Thanks Mrs. Doidge
92. Washington Street leaf harvest
93. Mr. Otwell and his little blue trailer
94. Lakeshore crumb
95. DSi
96. Revolution Compost
97. Compost tea
98. 25 cent movies
99. Chicks in the spring
100. Use less, repurpose more
101. Kona Jake24
102. Small scale composting
103. kolo tc
104. Little Artshram
105. Great Lakes Children’s Museum. Waves of Wonder.
107. Canada Day street hockey
108. Wrestling with my brother
109. No longer having to be supervised at the library
110. Giardino del Vicolo
111. Bay area recycling for Charity
112. 5x Defending pie eating champ
113. Compost On!