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Less waste. More awesome. Sign up today.


We are so so so excited to ride bikes, sling buckets and get our hands dirty again.

This will be our 6th – yes, 6th!! – season of bike powered community composting and we’re fired up to get going again.

Here’s how it works:

1. We give you a bucket.

2. You start filling it with your kitchen scraps like banana peels, apple cores, coffee grounds and eggshells. Just no meat or dairy, please

3. A week later, we’ll pick-up your scraps with our bike trailers and leave you a clean bucket.

4. We’ll dump your organic waste into my pile or worm bin here at C’sC World HQ and then wash the bucket.

5. We then mix in some carbon aka “browns” to keep the pile balanced and lovely. Not too wet. Not too dry. Just right for the trillions and trillions of mirco-organisms to do their thing. Turning it as needed to bring in oxygen so that the decomposers can breathe.

6. Once ready, we’ll give you a five-gallon bucket full of our (your!) 100% awesome, locally grown compost so that you can use it in your garden to grow yummy veggies (or pretty flowers!). If you don’t need the finished compost, we will donate it to a neighbor or community/school garden.

The cost? 10 dollars per month. Yep, that’s right, just 10 bucks for weekly bike-powered pick-ups. Be about it.




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Eastern Elementary: Growing Compost Champions


Thursday is a special day at Eastern Elementary because Thursday is compost day.

The Compost Champions Club, a pilot program run by 3rd graders, with support from two very compost-errific teachers, Mrs. LaBarre and Mrs. Radakovich, launched this past fall and is off to an awesome start.

Upon arriving to school on Thursdays, these 13 Compost Champions, who all opted into the club, get to work. They’re each assigned 1-2 classrooms where they grab the week’s worth of organic waste and then replace the bag in the small compost bin (Shout out to our friends at Biobag for donating the MaxAir bins and compostable bags),

What can be found in these bins? Mostly apple cores, banana peels, grape stems and orange rinds. Thanks to some in classroom, pre-program education by each Compost Champions,  there is very little no-no’s. Read: meat, dairy, plastic.

The Compost Champions then bring the bags of snack scraps to a centrally located C’sC bucket outside Mrs. LaBarre’s class. They check off each classroom to make sure that none are missed.  Escorted by volunteer parent, the bucket is then walked out to the school’s on-site compost station.

They cover the classroom snack scraps with some leaves harvested from the school’s trees to add in some carbon so that things stay balanced and lovely.

Come spring, these Eastern snack scraps and Eastern leaves will have turned into Eastern compost to help the Eastern garden grow to then feed Eastern kids. Less waste. Full circle. How awesome is that?!


Much more than a simple pick-up service, these Compost Champions, by leading the way and making food scrap recycling an easy daily thing for their classmates, are changing behaviors and shifting habits about the importance of reducing food waste and upcycling Eastern’s organic waste.

“I think the program is going great – the 3rd grade compost kids show up eagerly each week, ready to collect and I’ve heard nothing but positive feedback from staff.  Students are reminding one another what can and cannot be composted and even my preschooler tells me how they compost at snack time.  I’ve had a handful of students asking why we aren’t composting in the cafeteria because so much gets thrown out in there.  I feel like we’re off to a great start! “, says program leader and 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. LaBarre.

Already a very green school – bike friendly, walk-tastic, paper recycling – Eastern, thanks to its Compost Champions, is on the verge of environmental greatness and C’sC is so proud to help them get there.

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Guest Blog: MYOI and Traverse City Community Composting


Editor’s note: The awesome MYOI crew joined us again for some compost making and bucket slinging last week. Here’s a highlight of our day from MYOI Coordinator, Tim Bottrell.

MYOI is a state run program that works with current and former foster youth ages 14-23. As coordinator of MYOI (Michigan Youth Opportunities Initiative) in Grand Traverse/Kalkaska/Leelanau Counties, it is my job to find educational experiences in our community that focus on transportation, finances, health, education, housing, employment.

Another big part of what we do is getting involved in our community and giving back to the community who supports us.

One of my favorite annual events is our visit to Carter’s Compost to help Carter, his dad Ty, and little brother Jamo. It’s the one day a year that our youth are able to take part in an event that hits on every single aspect of what MYOI is about.

  • We focus on health and affordable transportation by hitting the town on bicycles to get some exercise, smile, and practice safe biking.
  • We gain valuable work experience by picking up buckets of kitchen scraps from customers, rotating the piles at Oryana’s Neighborhood Compost Station, and screening worm castings from Grand Traverse County‘s Vermitech that’s housed at C’sC World HQ.
  • We also learn about creating your own job by hearing the simple story of an elementary kid who started his own business with the help of his family.
  • Learning that most of Carter’s earnings go to his college savings relates to our program focus of saving and pursuing education. Not to mention the lesson of turning old food into new food through composting and gardening.

Perhaps the biggest take away from our day with Carter’s Compost is how everything ties into community. They see that Carter’s Compost can’t exist without community, and that Carter’s Compost builds community. Our youth see that they are an important part of this community, and they are able to give back to their community.

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Compost Screening Party @ Oryana


Join us at Oryana, Saturday, May 16 from noon – 4pm for a community compost screening party.

Compost parties are the best parties and this one is going to be happening right in the middle of Oryana’s Earth Day North festivities so it’s going to be extra special fun.

Here’s The Scoop:

1. Bring some garden gloves at meet us at Oryana’s Neighborhood Compost Station anytime between 12-4.

2. Use our sifters to screen some finished compost. This isn’t just any regular compost, though. This is 100% awesome, neighborhood compost grown with love using neighborhood kitchen scraps and neighborhood leaves. It’s truly Traverse City Dirt. And your plants will LOVE it.

3. Put the screened compost into one of our buckets.

4. Take the compost home and use it in your garden. Use it to grow food to “Complete The Cycle”. This makes us happy.

5. Return our bucket to the Compost Station the next time you shop at Oryana.

6. Send us a photo of your garden when it’s in full swing to show off you neighborhood food grown with neighborhood compost. This will also make us happy.

7. Give yourself a pat on the back for supporting bike-powered community composting and helping to green Traverse City one bucket at a time.

Compost On!

More info on Oryana’s Earth Day North:

Oryana is hosting a fun afternoon for the whole family. Join us as we celebrate Earth Day with an extravaganza of demonstrations and presentations by our green-minded community partners, a variety of local vendors, and non-profit organizations. Make a day of it and participate in the North Lake Adventure. Have your passport stamped at Oryana or simply stop by the TART trailhead and join in the fun.

Enjoy specials in Oryana’s Lake St. Café, a local food truck Pigs Eating Ribs, and free iced tea and water at the trailhead.

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Compost Awareness Week 2015


International Compost Awareness Week (also known simply as Awesome Week) is upon us. It runs May 3rd to the 9th.

It’s a big, big week here at C’sC World HQ.

Neighborhood Fiestas
Rotting Organic Waste

Sounds like fun, eh? They don’t call it Awesome Week for nothing.

Here’s the Scoop:

1. Take the C’sC Promise (a grass-roots initiative designed to create awareness about the awesomeness of small-scale/backyard/neighborhood composting) and commit to being a Compost Champion HERE.

Promisees will be in the running for some fabulous prizes:

  • Carter’s Compost Tshirts
  • Traverse City Dirt Tshirts
  • Rad C’sC decals
  • BioBag MaxAir counter-top compost pails
  • A ready to go worm bin with 1000 red wigglers
  • 1 month of free bike-powered kitchen scrap pick-ups
  • Buckets of 100% awesome neighborhood compost

2. Raise your right hand and repeat these words:

“I promise to be awesome and to try my best to compost my kitchen scraps. I will harness the power of the pile to reduce my waste, grow great garden soil and make [insert your town] greener than ever. I will be a Compost Champion and inspire my neighbors to be one, too. Yay, Compost!”

3. Post this blurb with #CompostChampion:

“I just took The Carter’s Compost Promise. I’ve committed to being a Compost Champion and will now be composting my kitchen scraps like a rock star.”

4. Be a Compost Champion by recycling your household kitchen scraps. You don’t have to be 100% awesome. Just try your best.

5. Give yourself a High Five for being awesome and helping to Green our planet.

Not sure how to compost your kitchen scraps? The EPA’s website is a good place to start:

If you live in Traverse City, you can sign up for bike-powered pick-ups here:

or be awesome and share your pile with a neighbor here:

Happy Compost Awareness Week and let’s Compost On! together, OK?

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On-Demand Bucket Pick-Ups


Because sometimes you just have to get those kitchen scraps composted NOW! C’sC is excited to offer on demand/same day kitchen scrap pick-up using Square’s new Cash app.

An easy, convenient service for those who may not need weekly pick-ups.

How It Works:

  1. Register HERE.
  2. Sign up for Square’s Cash service HERE.
  3. We’ll then drop-off a clean bucket and lid.
  4. You fill up your bucket with your kitchen scraps (no meat, dairy please). Full list of no-no’s HERE.
  5. When you’re ready for us to pick-up your bucket use your phone to send $4.00 to $CartersCompost via your Cash app.
  6. On that very same day, we’ll pedal over to pick-up your bucket, leave a clean one and then compost your kitchen scraps here at C’sC World HQ.
  7. Easy! Give yourself a pat on the back for reducing your waste and helping to make Traverse City greener than ever.

On-demand service is only available in the Oak Park neighborhood at this time.

Weekly pick-ups subscriptions also available for $10/month. Sign up HERE.

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A Compost-errific Traverse City

 Spring has come early to Northern Michigan and we are so so so excited to ride bikes, sling buckets and get our hands dirty again.

This will be our 4th season (Whaa!?! How is that possible?) of bike-powered community composting and, as always, we’re Dreaming Big.

C’sC goals for 2015:

1. Help make Traverse City the most compost-errific town in Michigan The Universe.
2. Help more (lots more!) youth start bike-powered bucket slinging operations in their Traverse City neighborhoods.
3. Help build 100 community/”sharing” compost piles in Traverse City.
4. Ride bikes. A lot.
5. Create a compost-y Map.

“TC as the most compost-errific town in The Universe sounds awesome. How can I help?”, you ask?


1. Become a Compost Champion HERE and commit to recycling your kitchen scraps. Grow Traverse City Dirt not Traverse City landfills.

2. Support your neighborhood Compost Boy or Girl. Like Amelia. Or Max. Or Noah and Elise. Or Jack. Or Katie. Or William. Or our newest SlabTown and Boardman bucket slingers, Kyan and Moses. They make composting super easy. Plus they’re awesome. Sign up HERE for weekly bike-powered pick-ups for just $10/month.

3. Share your pile. Because compost pile sharing is the best kind of sharing and a Traverse City that composts together, stays together. We’re at 19 sharing piles. Only 81 to go.

More info on the power of pile sharing and how it works HERE.

4. Ride bikes with us sometime. Our sister project, Norte!, has grown up into a legit nonprofit advocacy organization. They are dedicated to building a more bike-friendly Traverse City by inspiring youth through bicycles. Norte! has lots of cool things happening. Check’em out HERE.

5. We’re also creating a map. An awesome map, actually. A map to help connect experienced/knowledgeable TC composters with our neighborhood bucket slingers and other TC neighbors who might not have the space or know-how to compost. All you have to do it is share it with at least on neighbor. Sound awesome? Sign-up to share your pile HERE and help us grow our map.

Click the map to check it out in more detail:


Thanks for helping us to green Traverse City one bucket at a time by supporting bike-powered community composting.

We’ll see you around the ‘hood this spring and, please, Compost On!

Carter and Team

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Save The Coffee Grounds: A Traverse City Dirt Project


Here at C’sC World HQ, we believe that if there’s one thing that should definitely NOT go into the landfill, it’s coffee grounds. They’re just too valuable. A fantastic source of Nitrogen. Plus they smell super good!

Save The Coffee Grounds is a Traverse City Dirt community project where we are partnering with neighborhood coffee shops to grow more neighborhood compost. More TC Dirt.

We are currently helping Brew, Cuppa Joe Drive-Thru, Horizon Books and Morsels compost/recycle/de-landfill ALL of their coffee grounds. That’s a lot of coffee grounds! But, we’re dreaming big and not stopping there. We hope to one day save ALL of the coffee grounds from ALL of TC’s coffee shops. To achieve that goal, we need your help.


1. We will use our bike trailers to transport the buckets of coffee grounds from coffee shops to C’sC World HQ. You will come to the alley (841 Washington) to pick-up the coffee grounds. Buckets also available behind Brew and Cuppa Joe Drive-Thru  on 8th..

2. Take as many buckets as you want and dump them into your backyard pile. If you don’t have a pile we can help find you some pallets to build one but you have to promise to share it with your neighbor 😉

3. Harvest a bunch leaves from your neighborhoods trees (they’re starting to fall as we type!) to mix in with the grounds. Maples leaves are best. No offense, Mr. Oak tree. If you have extra leaves, maybe you can bag some up and share with us? Read more on our #Leaves4Carter program HERE.

4. Return the empty buckets to C’sC World HQ/Brew/Cuppa Joe and grab more coffee grounds if needed.

5. Build a big heap of leaves and coffee grounds (and other kitchen scraps too) so that come spring, you will have lots of compost to use in your garden.

6. Give yourself a pat on the back for being a Compost Champion and helping to support a greener, more awesome Traverse City.

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Putting the FUN in Fungi : Grand Traverse Mycological Society and The Radical Mycology Tour


The Grand Traverse Mycological Society is hosting the Radical Mycology Collective’s Tour for a 2-day Mushroom Cultivation and Application Course in Traverse City, September 27-28.

The course will finish with a hands-on, collaborative mushroom installation here at Carter’s Compost World HQ. The plan is to innoculate new mushroom beds around 2-3 of our Apple Trees using Oyster and King Stropharia. Our Mirror-Mirror Pile will also be inoculated with Shaggy Mane mushrooms. Compost and Mushrooms. Like Peanut Butter and Jelly. Awesome, right?

In addition, The GT Mycological Society will be hosting a kids workshop in the Carter’s Compost Urban Farm Sunday, September 28, at 2 pm.

Putting the FUN in Fungi:

What do mushrooms eat?
What does it mean to be a decomposer?
How can we work with mushrooms to clean water and soil?
Come find out through a hands-on activity where we will make mushroom growing kits that you can take home!

Join us as we play games, act out ecological roles and explore the amazing world of forest fungi. Expect a 1 hour workshop. Perfect for kids aged 7-13. Donation based to help cover costs, suggested $10, however no one turned away for lack of funds. There are only 10 openings so please reserve your spot by emailing us at

To learn more about The Grand Traverse Mycological Socitey and their mission of providing people with the resources necessary to learn and explore the fungal kingdom email

Register for the Cultivation and Application Course HERE.

As always, please, Compost On!

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C’sC + MYOI : Youth-Driven Community Composting


We’ve been fortunate to partner with the crew from Michigan Youth Opportunities Initiative (MYOI) on several occasions. Last year’s Neighborhood Compost Fiesta, July’s Community Compost Screening Work-bee at Oryana and a recent bike-powered bucket slinging session. They are a great group of young people. Eager to learn. Hard working. True compost champions.

Together we rode bikes, picked-up our neighbor’s kitchen scraps, screened Traverse City dirt, grew community compost and greened our neighborhoods. We talked about C’sC and our vision of small-scale, bike-powered, youth-driven community composting. We shared our start-up story of re-using/re-purposing/re-loving things (bike trailers, buckets, pallets, organic waste) to launch our social-entrepreneur-ish business. We encouraged them to become involved in their community and seize opportunities.

Carter’s Compost is definitely looking forward to more collaborations in the future.

Keep awesome, MYOI, and Compost On!