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Carter’s Compost Neighborhood Expansion Program


Are you an awesome kid who likes to compost, ride bikes, play in the dirt, save the planet and earn a little money? Well, you’re in luck.

As part of our Community Sustained Compost Project, we are looking for a few dependable, hardworking kids to help us bring bike-powered community composting to every neighborhood in Traverse City.

The paperboy disappeared years ago but being a Compost Boy (or Girl!) is a great job for youth today.

Currently, Traverse City boasts 8 other bucket slingers:

Noah and Elise

Here’s How It Works:

1. Make sure it’s OK with your mom that you can use the family compost pile. Or talk some of neighbors into letting you “share” their pile.

2. Find a bike trailer. Your old kid carrier will work fine. We may also have one for you to borrow.

3. Define your pick-up territory. Small is cool. Don’t make it too big. Pulling buckets full of kitchen scraps can be hard! No more than a 1 mile radius is usually a good place to start.

4. We’ll give you the buckets and lids if you need some. We’ll also help you get the word out to your neighbors and refer members to you if they’re in your pick-up territory.

5. Get some members. Go door to door. Send some emails. Use social media. Tell your neighbors how easy you can make composting for them.

6. While you will be part of the C’sC family, your bucket slinging business will be yours. You will keep all the money from your members. We only ask that you stay true to our mission of being a committed Compost Champion (and inspiring your friends/neighbors/family to be one too!), keep your pick-ups 100% bike-powered and to give back the finished compost to your customers (if they want it) so that they can be awesome and “Complete The Cycle“.

Not in Traverse City but want to start bucket slinging in your town? We’d be happy to share what we’ve learned over the years to help you get started.

Email us at for more information and to get started.