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Carter’s Mobile Compost Pile

c's mobile compost pile

We love the whole mobile/truck TC Street Food thing going on here. We also dig all the other bike powered businesses out there: coffee shops, mobile chargers, farm carts and micro homes. But what about a mobile compost pile?

The Carter’s Mobile Compost Pile (C’sMCPi) is awesome! Eight chicken stenciled, 5-gallon buckets in a custom made bike trailer brought on-site. Fill the buckets with your banana peels/foodwaste and then we’ll bike it back to C’sC World HQ to compost it in our pile. Maybe the most environmentally responsible form of recycling ever in the history of TC. Well, that might be a bit much but it is pretty cool. It gives our neighbors a super easy way to go zerowaste at their family party/picnic, community event, business happening or school activity.

Just so meat, bones or dairy please!

Email us for details or to reserve a date.

Compost On!