Eastern Elementary: Growing Compost Champions

Thursday is a special day at Eastern Elementary because Thursday is compost day. The┬áCompost Champions Club, a pilot program run by 3rd graders, with support from two very compost-errific teachers, Mrs. LaBarre and Mrs. Radakovich, launched this past fall and is off to an awesome start. Upon arriving to school on Thursdays, these 13 Compost… Continue reading Eastern Elementary: Growing Compost Champions

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The Story Of Change + Bike-Powered Community Composting

We love The Story of Change. We love everything about it. Flexing our citizens muscle, aiming high, working together and acting boldly. Big Idea + Teamwork + Action = Real Change The video got us thinking about Traverse City’s Household Kitchen Scrap Composting Rate and our Community Sustained Compost Project. We scribbled down this equation:… Continue reading The Story Of Change + Bike-Powered Community Composting