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Easy peasy composting? You betcha


Yay, April! We are so so so excited to ride bikes, sling buckets and get our hands dirty again.

This will be our 5th season of bike-powered community composting and we’re fired up to get going again.

Here’s how it works:

1. We give you a bucket.

2. You start filling it with your kitchen scraps like banana peels, apple cores, coffee grounds and eggshells. Just no meat or dairy, please

3. A week later, we’ll pick-up your scraps with our bike trailers and leave you a clean bucket.

4. We’ll dump your organic waste into my pile or worm bin here at C’sC World HQ, or into one of our Neighborhood Compost Stations and backyard “sharing” piles.

5. We then mix in some carbon aka”browns” to keep the pile balanced and lovely. Not too wet. Not too dry. Just right for the trillions and trillions of mirco-organisms to do their thing. Turning it as needed to bring in oxygen so that the decomposers can breathe.

6. Once ready, I give you a five-gallon bucket full of our (your!) 100% awesome, locally grown compost so that you can use it in your garden to grow yummy veggies (or pretty flowers!). If you don’t need the finished compost, we will donate it to a neighbor or community/school garden.

The cost? 10 dollars per month. Yep, that’s right, just 10 bucks for weekly bike-powered pick-ups.

Special early bird, errrr, worm deal for $60: Sign up in April, pay for the entire season in advance and get April and May’s pick ups for free. Yes, FREE!


The very, very kind people at Taste The Local Difference will once again be sponsoring C’sC this season. Their generosity allows us to keep the cost of our weekly pick ups just $10/month. Awesome, right? Thank you for and supporting bike-powered community composting in Traverse City, TLD. We love ya.

Sign up for easy peasy composting here:



Learn more about how Taste The Local Difference “is helping food businesses and the communities they serve benefit from the economic value of local food, while ensuring that fresh, healthy, local food is available to all consumers” HERE.

Stay worm and Compost On!