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Compost Screening Party @ Oryana


Join us at Oryana, Saturday, May 16 from noon – 4pm for a community compost screening party.

Compost parties are the best parties and this one is going to be happening right in the middle of Oryana’s Earth Day North festivities so it’s going to be extra special fun.

Here’s The Scoop:

1. Bring some garden gloves at meet us at Oryana’s Neighborhood Compost Station anytime between 12-4.

2. Use our sifters to screen some finished compost. This isn’t just any regular compost, though. This is 100% awesome, neighborhood compost grown with love using neighborhood kitchen scraps and neighborhood leaves. It’s truly Traverse City Dirt. And your plants will LOVE it.

3. Put the screened compost into one of our buckets.

4. Take the compost home and use it in your garden. Use it to grow food to “Complete The Cycle”. This makes us happy.

5. Return our bucket to the Compost Station the next time you shop at Oryana.

6. Send us a photo of your garden when it’s in full swing to show off you neighborhood food grown with neighborhood compost. This will also make us happy.

7. Give yourself a pat on the back for supporting bike-powered community composting and helping to green Traverse City one bucket at a time.

Compost On!

More info on Oryana’s Earth Day North:

Oryana is hosting a fun afternoon for the whole family. Join us as we celebrate Earth Day with an extravaganza of demonstrations and presentations by our green-minded community partners, a variety of local vendors, and non-profit organizations. Make a day of it and participate in the North Lake Adventure. Have your passport stamped at Oryana or simply stop by the TART trailhead and join in the fun.

Enjoy specials in Oryana’s Lake St. Café, a local food truck Pigs Eating Ribs, and free iced tea and water at the trailhead.

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