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The Washington Street Neighborhood Dirt Market

Northern Michigan has a lot of roadside, self-serve farmer’s stands. Farmer’s put their fruits and veggies out. People pay on the honor system. It’s cool.

The Washington Street Neighborhood Dirt Market is very similar. Except instead of cherries and corn we sell compost. 100% awesome, locally grown compost. Compost that we grow with love right here at C’sC World HQ. Compost made entirely from our neighbor’s kitchen scraps and from the leaves off my neighborhood trees. We shovel and screen each bucket by hand. We think it’s pretty awesome. Your tomato plants will probably love it!

1 bucket per year is free for our current Carter’s Compost members. If you’d like more compost, you’ll have to come over and work for it. Screening dirt is fun!

We sell the compost to non-members too. Just 5 bucks for a 5 gallon bucket full.

The buckets will be out front. Come help yourself anytime but please return the bucket when you’re done with it.

The Market is open for several weeks both in the spring and the fall. Email me ( for directions to C’sC World HQ, specific dates and availability.

We hope that you will use our neighborhood compost to grow neighborhood food! And then give yourself a High Five for being so awesome, Completing the Cycle, and supporting bike powered, youth-driven community composting!

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