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Time To Make The Compost, Traverse City.


It’s time, Traverse City. Time to make the compost. The leaves are continuing to fall as we type and are begging (yes, begging!) to be sent home in your backyard pile. Follow these simple steps to put those Traverse City leaves to work and grow lots of Traverse City Dirt.

1. First. Go ride your bike. It will make you happy.

2. When you get home from your ride, grab a rake and mound up a huge heap of leaves next to your compost pile. Don’t have a backyard pile? We can help you find pallets to build a box which works great but you have to promise to share it with a neighbor 😉

3. Collect your kitchen scraps (Greens). Meat and dairy are no-no’s. Dump your scraps into your pile and then cover them up with an arm full of leaves (Browns). 1 part neighborhood Greens + 3 parts neighborhood Browns = Awesome neighborhood compost.

4. Keep layering like a lasagna. Greens. Browns. Greens. Browns. Keep going until you have a massive heap of organic waste. The bigger, the better. Helps it heat up (thanks, Mr. Microbe!) before winter arrives.

Not enough Greens in the kitchen? We can help with that too with our Save The Coffee Grounds project. We think coffee grounds make the best Greens, no offense Banana Peels. Read more on that HERE.

5. Rake up more leaves and stash them under your spruce tree. This will keep them from getting buried under the soon-to-be-arriving snow. Trust us, come February, you’ll be glad you did. If you’re feeling super-special nice, you can bag/deliver some leaves for us as part of our #Leaves4Carter program.

6. Go for another bike ride. Free happiness.

7. In spring, harvest your neighborhood compost and use it to grow neighborhood food in your backyard.

8. Give yourself a pat on the back for being a Compost Champion and helping to green our Traverse City.

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