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Worms To Classrooms


We love our worms. They are the VIPs of Carter’s Compost. They eat kitchen scraps day in – day out and never complain.

We have a lot of worms. We started with 1000 red wigglers in 2006 and now have at least a trillion or so 😉 We keep them in 17 (and counting!) storage totes that we re-purposed into worm bins. From May to November, they all live in our garage here at C’sC World HQ. They help us by turning our member’s organic waste into black gold which we use in our Urban Farm. Normally, come winter, we haul them all down to the basement where they spend 5 dark, less-than-awesome months. Not this year. After 8 years, mom’s tired of them in the basement. Therefore, we are launching a new community project, Worms To Classrooms, in which we are partnering with Traverse City teachers to host one of our worm bins for the winter.

Worms are easy. They’re fun. The kids will love them and learn lots, too.


1. Sign up for a worm bin by emailing us at The worms will be loaned out in a first come-first served basis. Again, we have about 17 at the moment.

2. Come to C’sC World HQ sometime before 11/15 to pick up your worm bin.

3. Put the worm bin in your classroom. Take care of them. Feed them. Love them.

4. Teach the kids about the awesomeness of composting and the importance of reducing your foodwaste.Teach them that worms are Compost Champions and that banana peels (and all other organic waste from home/school) don’t belong in the landfill.

5. Once school gets out, return the bin to C’sC World HQ.

6. Give yourself a High Five for supporting bike-powered community composting in Traverse City and making mom super happy.

Learn some wormy pro-tips:


Wormy lessons for teachers:

Do the Rot Thing Decomposition Lessons

Worm Life Cycle Cut Outs

98 Worm Bin Activities

Worm Anatomy Diagram and Questions

Worm Anatomy from Do the Rot Thing

Worms Eat Our Garbage Worksheets from Trina Ball

Worm Bin Troubleshooting

The Worm Guide for Teachers from CalRecycle

If you would like to purchase some of our worms for your very own, you can do that too. More info HERE.

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