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CSA By Bike


In partnership with NORTE! and awesome local farmers like Birch Point Farm and Meadowlark, we are now providing bike-powered home delivery of your CSA Box.

For just $5/delivery, we’ll pedal your box from the drop-site to your house using our cargo bike trailers. Perfect for those Traverse City CSA members who can’t fit a drop-site pickup into their busy schedules. You can sign up for the entire season or simply request a delivery on an as needed basis (24 hour notice required). And for just $3 more per week, we’ll get you a C’sC Bucket and pick up your kitchen scraps too. Full circle. Awesome, right? More info HERE on how that works.


Supporting CSA By Bike means one less car on the streets of Traverse City, a smaller carbon footprint for our community, green jobs for our riders, and more time for you.


Before signing up, make sure you live within the blue boundary shown on the map below.


If you live close by but not exactly within these boundaries, please get in touch with us to see if we can work something out -email

Fill out the form to sign up:


$5 per CSA box delivery. $3 per compost bucket pick-up. We accept cash, checks to Carter’s Compost, Bay Bucks and PayPal. You can pay per delivery/month/season and stop whenever.

We are now looking for more CSA farmers with Traverse City drop-sites to partner with. If interested email us at to get started.

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