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The Carter’s Compost Promise

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Commit to being a Compost Champion!

The Carter’s Compost Promise is a grass-roots initiative designed to create awareness about the awesomeness of small-scale/backyard/neighborhood composting and to increase TC’s composting rate.

Composting is easy. Really. It’s also, in our opinion, the most environmentally friendly form of recycling there is. We hope that by taking the Promise you’ll give it a try or get back in the groove if its been awhile.

Here’s How It Works:

1. Raise your right hand and repeat these words:

“I, [your name], promise to be awesome and to try my best to compost my kitchen scraps. I will harness the power of the pile to reduce my waste, grow great garden soil and make Traverse City greener than ever. I will be a Compost Champion and inspire my neighbors to be one, too. Yay, Compost!

2. Complete this form:

3. Post this blurb to FB/Twitter/Instagram using hashtag #CompostTC:

“I just took The Carter’s Compost Promise. I’ve committed to being a Compost Champion and will now be composting my kitchen scraps like a rock star.”

4. Be a Compost Champion by recycling your household kitchen scraps. You don’t have to be 100% awesome. Just try your best.

5. Share your victories/successes/problems/failures/discoveries on our FB page:

6. Give yourself a High Five for being awesome and helping to Green our TC.

Not sure how to compost your kitchen scraps? The EPA’s website is a good place to start. Our GT County’s RecycleSmart site is also great.

You can sign up for bike-powered pick-ups HERE.

Or if you’re already recycling your kitchen scraps at home, consider sharing your pile with your neighborhood bucket slinger so that we can add you to our map HERE.

Let’s Compost On! together and make TC the most compost-errific in Michigan The Universe.

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