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The One-Week-To-Go “Big Boy (or Girl!)” Trailer Kickstarter Stretch Goal


Our Kickstarter Project is going awesome. We’ve been truly humbled by the amount of support by backers from all across the US (and Canada/Europe too). It’s not over yet though. We’re Dreaming Big!

Behind every Compost Boy (or Girl!) is a Big Person. Usually an awesome Big Person like mom or dad or a friend. These Big People sometimes help with the heavy lifting that comes with bike-powered, community composting.

Pile turning.
Bike hauling.
Bucket lifting.

We may be youth-driven but these Big People are an important part of our bucket slinging operation.

In collaboration with our friends from Gainesville Compost and Kanner Karts, we are setting a stretch goal in our final 7 days to help fund a “Big Boy (or Girl!)” cargo trailer. It will be built to spec in Florida. With a hauling capacity of 350 pounds, this bike trailer is the real deal. It will allow us to scale up our Community Sustained Compost Project to help more of our neighbors reduce their waste by making composting super easy for them.

This Stretch Goal aims to raise another $1200 to cover the cost of the trailer and shipping. We’re almost half way there already so with a little more support we can make this happen.

“With the power of compost (and a Big Boy (or Girl!) Trailer), anything is possible.”

You can back us HERE.

Thank you and Compost On!

The C’sC Team

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