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Traverse City Dirt : The T-Shirt


So we crushed this crowd-funding thing 😉 Just 15 days in and we’re already fully funded. Thank You to everyone for supporting us and believing in us.

It’s not over yet though. We still have a few more days. Let’s keep it rolling.

In addition to funding 2 new bike-trailers, our Kickstarter Project is raising money for the most awesome community compost T-shirt in Traverse City history. It was designed locally by the creative geniuses at Tee See Tee and looks sweet. The T-shirt will be part of our “Traverse City Dirt” campaign which is focused on raising awareness about the awesomeness of growing TC food with TC compost made from TC kitchen scraps.

You will WANT to wear this T. It will not be a throwaway T. It will be your favorite T! You will wear it with pride to let your neighbors know that you stand for a greener, healthier, more connected Traverse City.

For a $25 donation you will not only be supporting Traverse City’s bike-powered community bucket slingers but you’ll also get your very own TC Dirt T-Shirt plus a hand written Thank You from Carter and your name added to Our Donors page.

You can back us HERE.

Thank You and Compost On!

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