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Tucson, AZ // A C’sC Family Adventure


We escaped Michigan’s winter again this March for a month long, car-free adventure to sunny southern Arizona. It’s been awesome! Lots of bike riding. Burrito eating. Desert exploring. Vitamin D soak-upping. Spanish speaking.

The weather has been truly wonderful but our friends here are what make Tucson amazing.

Our Awesome 50 (in no particular order):

1. Reid Park
2. Eckstrom – Columbus Library
3. Mt. Lemmon
4. Edith Ball Aquatic Center
5. Tucson Zoo
6. The Loop
7. Flandrau Planetarium
8. La Salsa
9. Izaac and Izabel
10. Tucson Festival of Books
11. Pima County Library’s Book Bike
12. 4th Ave Street Fair
13. “Magic Buttons”
14. Lineweaver Elementary
15. Steward Observatory Mirror Lab
16. Himmel Park and Library
17. 3rd Street Bike Route
18. Science City at TFOB
19. San Clemente Neighborhood
20. Tucson Raquet Club
21. Tucson Children’s Museum
22. Cross-Country “race” at Reid
23. Armory Park
24. Bean and cheese burritos
25. Food Conspiracy Co-Op
26. Picolo Tag-a-long
27. Happy hour with St. Joe’s Crew
28. Gramma Tenley
29. Pot luck at the Adams’
30. Friends who lend us their bikes
31. Rocks and Ropes
32. Joel Valdez Library
33. The Sonoran desert in bloom
34. Pan dulce
35. Eegee’s
36. Casa Littlefield
37. Rattlesnake Bridge
38. El Grupo
39. Peddler On The Path
40. AZPM
41. Jack and Lucas
42. Zemam’s
43. Aviation Bike Path
44. Basket Bridge
45. Fair Wheel Bikes
46. Scruff – our vacation house dog
47. Devon and Mckinley
48. Rillito Bike Path
49. Poblano Hot Sauce
50. Estrella bakery

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