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Carter’s College of Compostology : What to Feed your Worms


Worms will eat almost anything. But, like you and I, they have foods that they love and foods that they would rather not. Here’s a list of some of me and my worm’s faves and not-so-faves:

Foods I Really Love:

Veggie Pizza
Pad Thai
Bean and Cheese Burritos
Grilled Cheese Sammiches

Foods My Worms Really Love:

Banana Peels
Watermelon Rinds
Egg Shells
Cantaloupe Rinds

Foods That I Sort of Like:

My Dad’s Beans & Rice
Butternut Squash

Food That My Worms Sort of Like:

Coffee Grounds
Tea Bags
Vegetables Scraps (carrot tops etc)
Fruits Scraps (apple cores etc)

Foods That I’m Not a Big Fan Of:

Green bean casserole
Steamed spinach

Foods That My Worms Aren’t Big Fans Of:

Citrus Peels

Worm Bin No-No’s:

Bones (stinky)
Meat (stinky)
Dairy products (stinky too)
Oils (hard for their skin to breathe)
Salty foods (dries their skin out)
Grass Clippings (makes the bin heat up too much)
Inorganic products (duh!)

Pro Tips:

1.Cut food up into smaller chunks. This decreases the time it will take for the worms to eat their food.

2.Feed your worms a diverse diet and always feed in moderation. Read: Mix it up and Don’t Overfeed them!

3. Worms love to eat tomatoes, but they can’t process the seeds.

2 thoughts on “Carter’s College of Compostology : What to Feed your Worms

  1. Watermelon rinds! Moist and juicy, my worms love them too! I always find the most worms around the rinds. Also they love my Yerba Mate loose leaves and tea bags.

  2. That is great information, thank you for sharing. I am new to composting and appreciate what you’re doing.

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