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The Ladies of the Washington Street Hennery


Meet the Ladies of the Washington Street Hennery.

Sunny the Araucana. Georgia the Barred Rock. Astro the Australorp. And Jenny the Silver-laced Wyandotte.

We got them as one-day old chicks and they’re now almost 4 years old. Pretty much grandmas!

My chickens are a super important part of the C’sC operation. Here’s how they help:

1. They handle the kitchen scraps by eating leftover veggies, dairy, and grains.

2. They work hard in the Carter’s Compost Urban Farm by eating bad bugs and cultivating the soil with their scratching.

3. Their poop is an part of our compost recipe. Really!

4. They give me nutritious and delicious eggs so that I have lots of energy to bike Traverse City around and pick-up the buckets.

Our hens rock! Carter’s Compost would be way less awesome without them. Thanks, girls!

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