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Free Bucket Week!


We LOVE Compost Awareness Week. As a thank you to our TC neighbors and in collaboration with our Community Partners, Oryana, GT Pie and BioBag, C’sC is offering FREE Buckets from May 5-11.

It’s easy:

1. Email us at and we’ll drop a bucket off. If you live outside our pick-up territory, you can come to C’sC World HQ to pick one up.

2. Over the week, fill the bucket with your kitchen scraps. More info HERE on what goes in and what doesn’t.

3. I’ll come and pick-up your kitchen scraps with my bike or you can drop-off.

4. Pat yourself on the back for being a Compost Champion and keeping recycle your kitchen scraps forever and ever.

Why compost? Mostly just because it’s the awesome thing to do but also because, we think, it’s the most environmentally responsible method of recycling there is but also to reduce your waste, save landfill space, and build awesome garden soil to grow yummy vegetables in your neighborhood.

Compost On!

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