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Carter’s Compost : Oryana Community Partner


We love our Co-Op. Oryana is one of TC’s most awesome places. Top 5 for sure.

They sponsor bike-powered neighborhood bucket slinging, host Compost Fiestas and celebrate dirt. They build legit Community Compost Stations, grow native plants and perennials in their commemorative garden and are true Compost Champions.

They support bike friendly events like TART’s SmartCommute, Norte! TC‘s Winter Bike To Work (or School!) Day and our Tour de Pile last spring.

They cook yummy food in their cafe, make fantastic tofu, carry healthy snacks and local fruits/veggies, give you a discount if you ride your bike, and accept BayBucks. They even let you have a free piece of fruit when you’re shopping with your mum!

So we are proud to officially be an Oryana Community Partner.

This entitles all fellow Oryana members to one free month of bike-powered kitchen scrap pick-ups per year.

It isn’t a lot but we’re happy to give back as a small Thank You to our Co-Op.

Keep Awesome and Compost On!, Oryana.

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