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2013 Take It Back “Recycler Of The Year”


We’re stoked to be Grand Traverse County’s Resource Recovery Council’s 2013 Take It Back “Recycler Of the Year“. We scored a ginormous plaque and got to meet RecycleSmart‘s staff as well as some of our county commissioners. Mum brought muffins. A few of our friends, sponsors, and members came. We even got interviewed on TV! It was an awesome night.

We think we had a pretty good 2013 but we never dreamed of this. As Recycler of the Year, we join some pretty awesome company. Check out past RotY recipients:

2008 Goodwill Industries
2009 The Medicine Shoppe and The Prescription Shop
2010 All Take It Back registered businesses were recognized
2011 Michigan Green Consortium
2012 American Waste

We may be called “Carter’s Compost” but really, we are “Traverse City’s Compost”. Since the get-go in 2012, we have had nothing but amazing support from our community.

Some Thank Yous are in store:

Thank You to our neighbors for choosing to be Compost Champions. Without them taking the time to fill the buckets with their kitchen scraps, there’d be no Carter’s Compost.

Thank You to my sponsors for their financial backing helping us invest in a new bike and trailer.

Thank You to all of our Pile Sharers for helping us find space for the scraps.

Thank you to Oryana for building Traverse City’s first Community Compost Station.

Thank You to our volunteers for helping to screen the compost, wrangle worms and harvest leaves.

Thank You to our fellow Compost kids: Jack & Izzy and Max.

Thank You to the GT County Resource Recovery Council for the honor.

And Thank You, Traverse City. You’re a great town. Really. Let’s continue to Compost On! together and make bike-powered neighborhood bucket slinging the new normal in TC.

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