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The C’sC Community Sustained Compost Project

we compost

Neighbors helping neighbors to grow compost, reduce waste, save landfill space and green our neighborhood is an awesome way to build community!

We are partnering with like minded neighbors/organizations/businesses to help make bike-powered, youth-driven community composting the new normal in Traverse City.

Our Community Sustained Compost Project features:

Neighborhood Compost Stations,
backyard “sharing” piles,
Neighborhood Compost Fiestas,
C’sC Expansion Program where we help young people start slinging buckets in their own neighborhood
Carter’s College of Compostology: An educational program where we teach the nuts and bolts of backyard composting to our neighbors

You can also support bike-powered community composting by: bagging your shredded maple leaves,
sponsoring us and
donating your time/talents.

We’re dreaming big in 2014 to make bike-powered, youth-driven, community composting become the new normal in TC and have launched a KickStarter Project to help make it happen. We appreciate your support!

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