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My 4th grade Science Fair Project: A compost survey


I am researching Traverse City’s household kitchen scrap composting rate for my science fair project. I don’t think there is any current data on this. Your answers to this survey are not only important to my science project but could be useful to our local government as well.

The survey will take about 5 minutes. There are a few gardening questions as this is important to the Carter’s Compost mission of “completing the cycle” by growing neighborhood food with neighborhood compost. Expect some demographic questions too.

All answers are anonymous and you must live in Grand Traverse County to participate. Please, only one survey per household. Duplicates will be disqualified. Ends January 31.

Go to the survey here:

I want to get a lot of respondents so that my sample is large. Please share the above link with your neighbors/friends/co-workers via email/social media/website/newsletter.

Thank you for taking part in my survey.

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