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Max vs The Polar Vortex


Meet Max. Max is our Central Neighborhood bucket slinger. He’s been using his bike, buckets and trailer to help his neighbors compost their kitchen scraps for the past year. He is legit. And unlike us, who bailed on this winter, he is brave. Tough as nails. Max is a true Northern Michigander.

Polar Vortex? 50+ inches of snow? Icy roads? No biggie. Max is a Compost Champion and continues to get out there week after week to help his neighbors reduce their waste.

Should you ever see him out on his bucket route on Mondays, make sure to give him a High Five or an “Atta Boy!” for helping to green our TC. Some hot chocolate wouldn’t be a bad idea either!

Thanks for being so awesome and taking one for the team, Max.

We’re proud of you.

Compost On!, young man.

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