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10 things we’re grateful for this Thanksgiving:

1. Our neighbors/members who take the time to fill the buckets with their kitchen scraps and then use the finished compost to grow neighborhood food.

2. Oryana’s Neighborhood Compost Station: TC’s First Community Pile!

3. Mindcraft.

4. Our sponsors. Our volunteers. Our friends. Our Compost Friendly Businesses. Our graduates.

5. Pumpkin pie, smashed potatoes and Granny’s cranberries.

6. All 1 million of our worms who work hard, day in – day out, eating the scraps. They rock.

7. The Washington Street maple trees for sharing their leaves. #freecarbon #Leaves4Carter

8. Jack, Izzy, and Max. TC’s finest bucket slingers.

9. Our members who line their bucket with grocery bags or compostable bags as part of the Lets-Help-Carter-Scrub-Less-Buckets Project.

10. Our Pile Sharers. Community Sustained Compost!

Traverse City is a community full of radness.
We’re thankful to be a part of it.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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