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Jack and Izzy: Bike Powered Compost Champions


Jack and Izzy, our Traverse Heights bucket slingers, have been quietly going about their business for the past 9 months. Week after week, they’ve been biking around their neighborhood  picking up buckets of kitchen scraps. They are bike powered Compost Champions!

Jack and Izzy are helping 10 of their neighbors to reduce their waste! As part of our Compost Friendly Business program, they are also helping Signs Now and Short’s Brewing Company compost their office snack scraps. That’s pretty awesome.

That’s not it though. Jack and Izzy are also sharing piles with 3 of their neighbors in collaboration with the Community Sustained Compost Project. They are using pedal power to reduce waste, build community and grow awesome neighborhood garden soil to help complete the cycle.

High Five to Jack and Izzy for being true Compost Champions and for helping us to green our Traverse City.

If you’d like to bring bike powered bucket slinging to your neighborhood, let us know, we can help you get started.

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