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#milliontomato Front Yard #millionbucket Garden: October Update

2013-04-17 12.57.35

Summer. Hello? Where you go, Summer?

Well, that was fast. A blur really. I can’t believe it’s already the middle of October. Fall is in full force. Leaves are turning. Crisp mornings. Oddly, we haven’t had our first killer frost yet though. Hmmm?

Our #miiliontomato in a #millionbucket Front Yard Garden Project went great! We had a great tomato growing summer here in Northwest Lower Michigan. The plants were crushing it in their buckets. Big. Bushy. Happy.

We grew all sorts of tomato types. Cherries. Romas. Big Boys. Yellow pears. Apparently, if you grow tomatoes in a mixture of 100% awesome compost, you get some 100% delicious tomatoes. We harvested 2 bushels of some of the yummiest tomatoes I’ve ever tasted.

We did get a few strange looks. Our 5×5 bucket grid took up most of the front yard. When the plants grew big and tall, it looked a bit out of hand. But in an awesome kind of way. We completed the cycle by growing neighborhood food with neighborhood compost using neighborhood buckets. Rad.

We’ve taken the buckets down and composted the plants. We’re dreaming up big plans for next year. 10×10 grid? Help other neighbors set up their own bucket array? Community bucket garden at the F&M park?

Happy Autumn and Compost On!

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