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U-Pick Worms


Northern Michigan is having a great apple crop this year. I love to go out to the orchards and pick my own. Galas. Honeycrisp. Ida Red. So good.

Here at Carter’s Compost HQ we’re also harvesting a solid crop, so to speak. A crop of worms. Of red wigglers. They are true Compost Champions!

The Worm U-Pick allows our TC neighbors to come to C’sC World HQ to pick some worms. By hand. With love. We have about a 100 million red wigglers so we have plenty to share.

$10 for 1000-ish, or about a pound of worms. Just the right amount to get your own vermicompost operation started. We can also help teach you how to build your worm bin. A regular 30 gallon storage tote with lid works well.

We can also do the “picking” for you if you want. $20 for 1000-ish worms.

Email me or call 709-4410 to set up a time.

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