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The Carter’s Compost Urban Farm


The Carter’s Compost Urban Farm “completes the cycle” by growing neighborhood food using neighborhood compost made from neighborhood kitchen scraps and leaves.

Our farm is a zerowaste (nothing grown in the yard, leaves the yard), no till/gas-powered equipment (can you say, “Double dig?”), use-everything-at-least-twice (re-purpose/re-use/re-love), try-not-to-spend-any-money (borrow/share/trade/barter instead), kid-friendly garden which features:

veggie (tomato, peas, onions, garlic, squash, beans, potato, peppers) beds,
a dwarf fruit tree (cherry, apple, peach, apricot, cherry, pear) orchard,
raspberry and blueberry patches,
the C’sC Dirt Factory,
Mushrooms! (wine cap straphoria),
a working Worm Ranch,
rain barrels,
perennial veggies including asparagus and rhubarb,
bird friendly habitat with houses/baths/feeders,
native edibles including saskatoon bushes,
and the Ladies of the Washington Street Hennery.

We grow our food with love and organically using basic permaculture principles to feed our family here in the beautiful Oak Park Neighborhood of Traverse City.

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