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Traverse City’s First Community Pile: The Oryana Neighborhood Compost Station

2013-09-07 11.00.45-1

In case you needed another reason as to why Oryana is a TC leader in all things awesome, go check out their new Neighborhood Compost Station. It’s very cool. Built of recycled-reused-reawesomed pallets in a very functional and stylish 3 bin system. The real deal.

We are super excited to partner with our local co-op to bring Traverse City it’s first (?) Neighborhood Compost Station. This is the beginning of what we hope will be many more Community Piles in and around TC.

As part of our Community Sustained Compost Project, this station will help us find more space as well as help our customers and Oryana’s members reduce their waste and grow wonderful garden soil.

Each spring and fall, we will help host a Neighborhood Compost Screening Fiesta to harvest the black gold so it can be used to grow neighborhood food.

Thanks so much to Oryana for supporting Carter’s Compost and for helping us to green our TC.

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