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Swag from the Pile: A Fall Fund Raiser


Help support bike powered, neighborhood bucket slinging in Traverse City.

Our Fall Fund Raiser features some sweet C’sC swag from the Pile:

2013-09-05 11.24.06

1. 5” Bumper Stickers (printed locally at Signs Now!) of our awesome logo designed by Mike Erway. $5

2013-09-07 09.41.06-1

2. 2”x14” Bike decals. (Thanks again to Signs Now!) Perfect for your down tube! An awesome way to spruce up that old Trek. $5.


3. The Official C’sC T-Shirts (new shirts will have black font). Again, locally made by the folks at Britten Gear. Adult sizes only at this time. $15.

2013-09-08 18.28.36

4. Upgrade that tired kitchen compost bin with the rad AirMax Counter-Top Pail + a roll of 25 2 gallon compostable BioBags. $20


5. 500 red wigglers in a Ready-To-Go C’sC 5 gallon bucket Worm Bin. Vermicompost is both Fun and Awesome! $30

If you live in the ‘hood, we can deliver your swag (by bike of course!). We accept cash, checks to Carter’s Compost, Bay Bucks and PayPal (let me know if you want to pay electronically and I’ll send an invoice…$1 fee applied).

We can ship everything except the Airmax and Worms bins.

Thank You for supporting Carter’s Compost and for helping us to green TC one bucket at a time!

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