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United Way’s Day of Caring: The Neighborhood Compost Fiesta Project

Today we hosted our first big neighborhood compost screening party. As part of United Way’s Day of Caring, we had 15 awesome people come over to C’sC World HQ to screen compost and wrangle worms. We had a group from TBAISD Career Tech, two from Edible Grand Traverse Magazine, a current C’sC member and volunteer extraordinaire Mr. Gavin. In all, we had 16 volunteers help out plus I got to miss school for a bit which was awesome.

Here’s the stats:

– 10 five-gallon buckets full of 100% awesome compost…roughly 300lbs!
– 3 worm bins cleaned
– 6 new worm bins built
– 15 buckets of “tchmil” (big bits of not-yet-broken-down organic matter that we use as mulch in the C’sC Urban Farm garden)
– 5 big jars of worm tea brewed
– 13 new friends!
– 4 pancakes at the Open Space breakfast eaten

With all this freshly squeezed compost look for the Carter’s Compost Neighborhood Dirt Market to open soon for the fall season.

Thank You to our rockstar volunteers for helping us out. We really do appreciate it as we can’t do it alone. They were all enthusiastic, eager to learn, not afraid to get dirty, gentle with the worms and super hard workers. Truly Compost Champions! See you next year!

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