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Compost Screening Fiesta

We had the crew from Michigan Youth Opportunity Initiative (MYOI) over to C’sC HQ last week for our first ever Compost Screening Fiesta.

It was awesome.

We had 6 dirt screens. A bunch of wheelbarrows full of finished compost right out of he pile. The tunes rocking. And we got to work.

The guys and gals were quick learners. Screen gently. Looking for worms. Saving the worms. Putting the “Tchmil” (a word we made up for the bits that aren’t broken down yet) into a special bucket which we use as mulch in the garden, orchard and perennial beds.

We screened 7 5-gallon buckets full of 100% awesome, locally grown compost. That’s about 200 pounds of beautiful black-gold ready to go into our neighbor’s gardens.

Our next Fiesta will be part of the United Way’s Day of Caring on September 12th. You can sign up here.

See you soon and Compost On!

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