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The Lets-Help-Carter-Not-Have-To-Scrub-So-Many-Buckets Project

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Don’t get me wrong, I love my job. Riding bikes around TC. Wrangling worms. Finding bugs in the pile. But if you asked me what is the worst part of bucket slinging. That’s Easy. No contest. Scrubbing the buckets after dumping them.

We scrub the buckets by hand. Almost everyday. It isn’t pretty. Elbow deep in sometimes chunky, smelly, nasty water. Scrubbing to make them as lovely as possible. And although we’ve gotten pretty good at it over the past year and a half (we have a system…rubber gloves, harvested rain water, biodegradable soap, newspaper for scrubbing, start at the top and work your way down), it’s still a very time consuming and a less than awesome part of the job.

The Lets-Help-Carter-Not-Have-To-Scrub-So-Many-Buckets Project hopes to remedy this so that we can become more efficient in our day to day operations. We will be using BioBag’s awesome, super ventilated AirMax counter-top compost bins with their breathable 2 gallon, certified compostable kitchen bag to keep the scraps as dry and thus, as stink (anaerobic scraps = stinky!) free as possible. This will allow my neighbors to simply toss the bag into the bucket. No mess! Easy-peasy. Less stinky in the kitchen for my customers and less bucket scrubbing at home for me. Bam! That’s a winner!

You can buy BioBag’s kitchen bags at several places in TC including Oryana and we will also sell the AirMax and a roll of 25 bags for just $15 (a smokin’ deal as Amazon has them listed at 11.28 and 8.75, respectively). Additional rolls can be purchased from us for $5.

Another option is just lining your bucket with a regular grocery store paper bag. It works pretty well. The bag happily breaks down in the pile with everything else. As always, we ask that you don’t dump a lot of liquid in.

I’d also like to thank BioBag, the WORLD leader in all things compostable!!, for sponsoring this project and supporting bike powered, neighborhood composting. Thanks guys!

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