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Completing the Cycle: Growing Neighborhood Food with Neighborhood Compost

2013-07-12 08.41.38

Not only do we bike around Traverse City picking up our neighbor’s kitchen scraps but we also use these scraps to grow some 100% awesome, local compost to then give back to our neighbors for them to grow food in their backyard. It’s a beautiful cycle. Table to pile to garden to table. This is called Completing the Cycle.

Here are some photos and notes that some of my neighbors sent me as they grow neighborhood food with neighborhood compost:

“I used some of the compost to grow sugar snap peas, lavender, and two types of lettuce (someone else grew the strawberries) at the community gardens. And that is my kitten Dante enjoying the lettuce.”


“I got 2 buckets from you this spring, about a week and a half apart. I top dressed two 8’x2′ beds with it. I have had an amazing harvest from those two beds. Everything in it has exploded so quickly that I can barely keep up!”


“It’s the first year for the Talaga Driveway/Back Alley Garden and thanks to Carter’s Compost the herbs and veggies are lookin’ good!”

photo 2 (1)

“That stuff really works!”


The Carter’s Compost Front Yard Bucket Tomato Garden. “They’re growing like crazy!”

2013-07-16 08.46.50

Thanks to all of my awesome neighbors for supporting bike powered bucket slinging and for helping us to green our TC!

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