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Carter’s College of Compostology


Compost isn’t complicated. You can’t really screw it up. It’ll just happen. But it does help to have a system. We certainly aren’t compost science experts but we do have a system.

Carter’s College of Compostology will share this small scale, neighborhood system by offering informal meet-ups and tours of our backyard operation. Come learn how we build, manage, create, turn, problem-solve and screen our piles as we “complete the cycle” from table to pile to garden to table.

Or maybe you’re into worms and vermicomposting. Come pick your own and learn how to build your own bin. We can teach you how we use red wigglers to reduce waste, save landfill space and grow awesome garden soil.

The C’sC School of Dirt hopes to educate our neighbors so we can have more compost piles (or worm farms!) in more backyards here in Traverse City.

Email me at if you want a tour or just stop by C’sC World HQ.

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