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Carter’s Neighborhood Compost Dirt Market


We grow our compost with LOVE. We grow it using a not so secret recipe of 1 parts neighbor’s kitchen scraps to 3 part neighborhood leaves. 100% local. Fully awesome. Collected by bike. 0% fossil fuels. Shoveled and screened by hand. Tomato plants LOVE it. We gave away/sold 60+ buckets of this preemo dirt this spring. My neighbors will use this compost to grow lots of yummy veggies grown in neighborhood gardens.

With the official start of summer this Friday, the Market is now closed for the season. We will reopen in September for fall plantings. We do have more compost ready to be screened but you’ll have to work for it (Dad’s back is sore…and he thinks he needs a break). Our Compost Screening Set-up is ready to rock so if you want some more 100% local/awesome dirt, come on over, get dirty and take as much as you want!

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