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Carter’s Compost Friendly Business Initiative


Too much waste in the office?

Feel bad about putting that banana peel in the trash?

Want to support bike powered, neighborhood composting?

Into the Greening of our beautiful TC?

Like the idea of growing local dirt to grow local food?

My Compost Friendly Business Initiative provides weekly, bike powered pick-ups (within my territory) for offices to recycle their lunch or snack scraps and coffee grounds.

Currently we are helping 8 local businesses be awesome:

– Brew
– Cuppa Joe Drive-Thru
– Britten, Inc.
– Signs Now!
– Dr. Tracy Ruegsegger (my awesome dentist!)
– The main Library (most awesomest library in the WORLD!)
– Baabbaazuzu
– TART office
– Natural Northern Cider House

For just 5bucks/month this is a smokin’ deal. Email me at to sign up today!

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