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My #MillionBucket Front Yard Garden to Grow #MillionTomato


In celebration of Compost Awareness Week, we signed up for the US Compost Council’s Million Tomato Campaign.

With our Neighborhood Veggie Garden at F&M going nowhere fast and our backyard garden already full with peas, cucumbers, garlic, asparagus and other veggies, we decided to take over the front yard. Plenty of sun. Access to water. And mum said it was Ok.

And since we have a few buckets lying around, we thought it would be fun to set up a massive array of 5 gallon Carter’s Compost chicken-stenciled buckets. Buckets filled with the compost that I made in my backyard. Compost I grew from my special recipe of my neighbor’s kitchen scraps and maple leaves off my street. Compost that I turned and screened by hand. Compost that I grew with love.

In these compost filled buckets of awesomeness, I transplanted tomato plants that I grew from seed. I started all different kinds of tomatoes in April. Cherries, romas, heirlooms, big beefsteaks, open-pollinated yellow pears, plum sized orange ones and others kinds too.

I set up the buckets in a 5×5 grid in the sunniest part of the front yard. Some simple math will indicate that this is much less than a million but it looks big. It really does. And when I asked my little brother Jameson how many he thought there were, he guessed “A Million?”. Since he’s a pretty sharp 6 year old, we’re going to go with that.


We will post updates on our progress throughout the summer and keep you up to date as to how we used my compost to grow a “million” tomatoes in a “million” buckets in my front yard.

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