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The Power of Pile Sharing


Sharing is caring and we think that compost pile sharing is the best kind of sharing.

Carter’s Compost supports keeping our valuable kitchen scraps in the neighborhood so that they can be used to make neighborhood compost to then in turn grow neighborhood food. Composting is a closed loop system. It’s called Completing The Cycle.

In addition to sharing your pile with your neighbors, you can share it with your neighborhood bucket slinger as part of our Community Sustained Compost Project. We are building a network of drop-sites in Traverse City to help us find space for our (your neighbor’s!) kitchen scraps.

Click the map to see it live:


Neighbors helping neighbors to grow compost, reduce waste, save landfill space and green our neighborhood is an awesome way to build community!

Our goal is to help build 100 Community Sharing Compost Piles in Traverse City. As of March, 2015, we’re at 19!

Here’s How It Works:

1. Build a compost pile in your backyard. We use pallets that we fashion into a box. If you need some pallets, we can bike some over.

1. Share your pile with at least one neighbor. Get a stenciled chicken sign for your pile.

Or share it with your neighborhood bucket slinger like Max or Jack….

Every week/month (whatever you’re comfortable with), we will dump 1 or 2 or 3 (again, whatever you’re comfortable with) five gallon buckets of our member’s (your neighbor’s!) kitchen scraps into your pile. These are 100% awesome nitrogen rich “greens” for your pile. We don’t allow meat, bones, oily food, dairy. We’ve been slinging buckets for 3 years now and our members are very careful not put “no-nos” into the buckets.

2. You put a layer of “browns” (leaves, straw, etc) over the “greens” to keep your pile balanced and lovely. A microbial haven.

3. Repeat every week/month until your pile is full. Or until you’ve had enough. Just say when!!

4. You turn the pile as much or as little as you like. Wait 4-6 months.

5. You harvest the “black gold” to use in your garden to grow yummy veggies and feel awesome about yourself for “completing the cycle“.

6. Repeat from step 1 if you want.

Sign up HERE!

Thanks for helping us to green Traverse City one bucket at a time and Compost On!

One thought on “The Power of Pile Sharing

  1. Good step by step process. It’s actually very simple, but I think the hardest part is actually to keep doing it. First few times it’s easy composintg food scrap, but very soon you’d get back to your old habits.

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