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We Love Our Drop-Offers


Do you live outside of our bike pick-up territory (Oak Park, Boardman, Mid-Town, Downtown, Old Town, Central, Traverse Heights neighborhoods) but still want a super easy way to compost? For 5 bucks/month, our Drop-Off service lets you reduce your waste and build awesome garden soil without the fuss of turning the pile, worrying about Carbon/Nitrogen ratios or wrangling worms.

Here’s how it works:

1. Bring your kitchen scraps to C’sC World HQ (841 Washington Street…maroon and yellow house between Rose and Barlow). Leave your bucket on the porch.

What goes into the bucket? Well, most everything that grows is OK.

“If is grows, it goes!”

You can put everything from the kitchen into the bucket (fruit and vegetable scraps, non-greasy food scraps like rice, pasta, bread, cereal etc., coffee grounds & filters, tea bags (staples OK), egg and nut shells, pits.

Please NO meat, dairy, bones, chicken, fish, greasy food scraps, fat, oil, dairy, animal waste, litter or bedding, coal or charcoal, coconuts, yard waste.

2. Grab a clean bucket. We have clean buckets on our porch 24/7.

3. I will dump your scraps into my pile and mix in some carbon aka “browns”” to keep the pile balanced and lovely. Not too wet. Not too dry. Just right. Turning it as needed to bring in oxygen so that the microbes can breathe. I will also wash the buckets.

You can drop-off as much as 1 bucket/week.

Once ready, I will give you a five-gallon bucket full of our (your!) 100% awesome, locally grown compost so that you can use it in your garden to grow yummy veggies (or pretty flowers!). As a C’sC member, you’re entitled to one bucket of compost a year free but if you want more, you’ll have to work for it at one of our Neighborhood Compost Fiestas.

Thanks for supporting bike-powered community composting and helping to green our TC.

We love our drop-offers!

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