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Think.Eat.Save: #wed2013 Blog Contest….4th isn’t so Bad


Well it wasn’t really even that close but we did put up a good fight there for a bit. We were actually leading after the first day which was exciting! In the end, a solid 4th place out of 100+ entries. Not too bad for a couple of math and science guys who struggle(d) in English class. Thanks to everyone here in Traverse City. back in Manitoba and Tucson and where ever else for all the love and encouragement. We managed 4100+ (most of these coming from my Grandma Marylou…so High Five to you Grams!) for the Compost Boy and his apple tree so that’s pretty awesome!

Thank You to TreeHugger and UNEP for putting it on. It was a fun adventure and we learned a lot about the massive problem of global food waste (Tips: Eat your leftovers. Keep close-to-expiring-food at the front of the fridge. Buy what you need. Clean your plate. Treasure your food by growing a garden and planting a fruit tree). We also got to “intraweb-meet” some pretty awesome people from all over the planet. Finland, London, Australia, Kenya and Nigeria. I learned some geography too!

Thanks for reading and remember to eat that apple whole. It’s the least you can do. “I love you so. I’ll eat you up”.

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