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The C’sC Neighborhood Food Share Project


In our food waste piece for the UNEP‘s World Environment Day contest, we mentioned the idea of a “help-me-with-my- vegetables neighborhood exchange”.

Mrs. Thatcher also commented:

“It is uncomfortable to admit I can’t always figure out how to use all my CSA veggies, or don’t feel like making up the tomatia salsa. I like your idea of an exchange.”

That got us thinking that maybe a micro-level, bike powered food rescue program might be needed in Traverse City. We are a foodie town. We have lots of CSA’s. We are progressive minded. In an effort to help minimize household food waste, we are now offering bike powered, neighbor to neighbor food sharing.

Here’s how it works:

1. Become a C’sC member.

2. Maybe you have too many veggies in your CSA box this week? Leaving on an adventure with too much food in the fridge? Crazy-large harvest from the squash patch?
You get the idea. You have too much food and don’t want it to spoil and end up in the compost pile.

3. Contact us at and say, “Hey, I have a whole loaf of bread that I just can’t eat.”, or “I have a bunch of apples that need to be eaten today.

4. Leave your loaf of bread or apples or what-have-you on your (not in, silly!) bucket on pick-up day.

5. We will find another C’sC member who wants your food and then bike it to them with care.

6. Bread and apples eaten and enjoyed. Less food waste. Mission accomplished. High Five to you.

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