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Going Green in the Sonoran Desert


I love Tucson in March. The Sonoran Desert is awash in green and spring is in full swing. All this green has inspired us to be make green choices while here on our month long family adventure.

Here’s 5 ways we’re trying to be green in the Old Pueblo:

1. Riding our bikes everywhere possible. We all have bikes. I borrowed a BMX bike and Jamo rides a tag-a-long behind Dad. Tucson is very bike friendly. They have lots of bike lanes, “sharrows”, miles and miles of “the Loop” a no-car/multi-use bike path and even a few bike boxes. We ride to the park, library, university, downtown, grocery store. To the zoo and pool too. We do drive the Jetta some but maybe just once a week to go on adventures in the desert or to go to friend’s houses to play.

2. No AC at home. Today it’s 29C (85F)… on March 23!?! Our rental has AC but we’re not turning it on and trying to stay cool other ways. Getting up early to play at the park. Being good mammals and finding shade whenever possible. Drinking ice water with lemon. Not being a complainy-pants while remembering how cold it is in Michigan.

3. Being a vegetarian. I don’t eat animals but that doesn’t mean I can’t eat yummy Mexican food here in Tucson. And yummy it is. Fresh guacamole. Bean and cheese burritos. Pico de gallo and chips. Veggie soft shells. Good stuff without the nasty affects on environment that comes with the massive meat industry in the US.

4. Composting. We lucked out and met Erik who is going to help us compost all of our kitchen scraps while we’re here. We met him at the Tucson Organic Gardeners Spring Fair. Erik is an awesome dude!

5. Conserving water. We’re in the desert folks so we’re trying to go easy on the water. Basic stuff really. Short showers. Turning the water off while brushing my teeth. Not wasting in the kitchen.

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