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International Compost Awareness Week (ICAW)


“Compost!: Nature’s Way to Grow!” is this year’s ICAW theme. It runs May 6-12 and C’sC will have all kinds of fun things going on:

Neighbor Appreciation Week:

May 6-10

The return of Free Bucket Day as well as one complimentary bike powered kitchen scrap pickup to all willing neighbors in our territory. “If it grows, it goes’. No meat, bones or dairy though.

C’sC Tour de Pile:

May 11 1-3pm (rainyday make up…May 12)

Lets ride bikes and celebrate the backyard pile. The Tour de Pile is a family friendly community bike ride. We will cruise the neighborhood and take in the piles of our Carter’s Compost CSC project. Sort of like our TC Coop Loop except with heaps of rotting organic matter instead of chickens. We will have prizes and other cool stuff too.

Compost Screening Party:

May 12 Noon

Want to score some 100% awesome, locally grown dirt? Join us at C’sC HQ to help screen some dirt. Bring your own buckets and take some home for your garden.

Another Fantastic Zero Waste Lunch:

We will be bringing back some Zero Food Waste awesomeness to the school cafeteria. This time not just for a Fantastic Friday but for the entire week. To keep things simple and easy, we will focus on just Apple, Banana and Orange peels. So look for the big white bucket next week and be awesome by putting your peel in it. These peels will rot and will be very happy as they turn to dirt in the school’s on-site Compost Pile. If all goes well, we hope the bucket will become a permanent feature in the cafeteria!

If any classrooms would like to upcycle their snack scraps, we have lots of buckets to share and would love to get you one for the week.

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