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Road Trip Composting


Hello from somewhere in central New Mexico. We are typing this out offline from the back seat of our VW while southbound on highway 54 to Las Cruces. Every March, my family and I head to the sunny southwest for a month long adventure in the Sonoran desert. I was born in Tucson so it’s a homecoming of sorts.

We pack the poor Jetta to the gills with bikes, gear, some toys, a couple iGizmos and lots of food. In fact, we bring all of the food that the four us will need for the 2100 mile, 3 day drive. We try not to waste much and we’ve been collecting our organic scraps to hopefully compost in Arizona. Right now in our scrap bag we have 3 banana peels, some peanut and sunflower shells, 4 pods of coffee grounds from the in-hotel-room drip machine and a sweet potato that din’t quite make it in the cooler.

It’s doubtful that there will be a pile at our rental house but we’ll figure something out. Maybe there will be a community garden nearby where we can upcycle our scraps? Could also make friends with a like minded neighbor? Buy some red wigglers and get a temporary worm ranch going? Or maybe there will be some awesome, bike powered kitchen scrap picker uppers in Tucson that will save the day.

Stay tuned!

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