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The Dilemma of Too Much Awesomeness and Too Little Space

winter c'sc bin

What happens when you try to help 50 of your neighbors reduce their waste by composting their kitchen scraps in your backyard? Well, you will eventually run out of space. After 10 months of weekly pick-ups, we are nearing capacity here at C’sC HQ and apparently Mum doesn’t want me to build another compost bin.

We hope to collaborate with community/school gardens soon but would also like to continue to grow compost in the neighborhood to then continue to grow food in the neighborhood. Come spring, we have plans to partner with a couple gardening neighbors inside of our pick-up range including the Oak Park, Boardman, Traverse Heights, Mid Town, Old Town, and “Oryana” neighborhoods. This would be a great way for a gardener, who normally doesn’t produce enough “greens” (kitchen scraps) on their own, to, with my help, grow lots of awesome compost for their home garden. We will harness the power of sharing to remedy this dilemma. The power of backyard sharing. Of pile sharing. And it will be awesome!

If you or someone you know might be interested, please let me know, and I’ll send more information and details on how it would work.

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