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America Recycles Day: A retrospective

America Recycles Day, officially November 15, is just too awesome to celebrate for only one day so I stretched my C’sC festivities out for an entire month. And what a month it was…

We started with our first project right after Halloween. Operation: Send your Jack O’ Lantern Home was our neighborhood pumpkin drop-off site where we accepted all orphaned pumpkins. We promised to give them a cozy home in our compost pile to make sure they would not be lonely. That they would be happy. That they would rot. And it has been a resounding success! As of this writing, we have composted 37 pumpkins. Thanks to my neighbors who sent their pumpkins home. No, not to the landfill, silly. But to their home in the dirt. To their mum. To Mother Earth.

For project #2, I was invited to Greenspire Middle school by my Granny Sarah who is the Director there to give a talk about Carter’s Compost. I spoke to 60+ middle schoolers about the awesomeness of composting, pedal power, worms, chickens, gardening and food waste reduction. I even brought one of my worm bins to show off. I was pretty nervous but I think I did OK.

Free Bucket Day was my third project. I wanted to show my neighbors just how easy I can make it for them to reduce their waste and compost their kitchen scraps. Plus you can’t really beat free so I figured it was a winner. I only got 2 takers but that’s better than zero takers so I’m going to declare it a success!

And last but not least. The main event. Proyecto número cuatro.Eastern Elementary’s Fantastic Zero Waste Lunch. And fantastic it was! With the help of the entire school, from the teachers and staff to the Ecology club and all the students, we managed to pull it off. We recycled all plastics and milk cartons and then composted all of our uneaten food scraps in the school’s piles. My chickens had a surprise pizza party and totally loved it! They enthusiastically took care of all the leftover cheese and meat to make sure that nothing went to the landfill. With 306 kids in all, it was hard work but we did it. Hopefully it was worth the effort so that there will be many more Fantastic Fridays to come.

Whew!! America Recycles Day 2012 was a blast. See you next year!

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