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Neighborhood Jack O’ Lantern Recycling Station


Make sure to send your pumpkin home after Halloween tomorrow. No, not to the landfill, silly. Send him home. To the dirt. To his mum. To Mother Earth.

C’sC World HQ will be accepting all orphaned neighborhood jack o’ lanterns, pumpkins and gourds. We promise to give them a cozy home in one of our compost piles. Just drop them off at our recycling station out front. They will not be lonely. They will be happy. They will rot. I promise.

Also, should you want to upcycle that not-so-lovely-anymore straw bale from your fantastic autumn display, we would certainly welcome that as well. We are nothing without our “browns”!

Have fun tomorrow night, kids. May your chocolate bars be enormous and your candy corn fresh and tasty.

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